Gramin e-Mitra


Since Independence, Government of India has been implementing various development and employment programmes especially for the rural population for improving their quality of life. But, despite efforts made by the Government, the benefit of its programme has not reached the needy, poor and deprived strata of the society in real terms. The main reason may be attributed to poor implementation of Government programmes.

For a country which is the second most populous in the world and so diversified in its socio-economic context, only the efforts of Government would not fetch adequate results for development of its deprived strata. It was felt by the Government during 1970s that the voluntary agencies could supplement the Government's effort in rural development through mobilising communities and catalyzing people's initiatives for change, as well as through direct implementation of interventions around specific issues. Since then, the Voluntary sector in India has been playing a pivotal role in rural development.

Gramin Samajik Vikas Sansthan is an initiative to deliberating the information technology with effective communication in real India that is actually Rural India.Gramin Samajik Vikas sansthan is working for the sustainability of the rural infrastructure development by increasing their access to the rest of the world.

Gramin Samajik Vikas Sansthan now launch the Rural Social Infrastructure Development Project known as "GRAMIN E-MITRA" pan India basis to cater the various e-governance activities with e-Commerce activities. E-Commerce activities create this project as self sustaining in the nature.